Friday, December 23, 2011

lance's launch

pine cove hosted a launch party in honor of lance and another fellow employee that is moving on.  i love the idea of launching their staff into something else for the LORD'S kingdom.

it was done in true pine cove game style.  there was lots of games and TONS of yelling (all in good fun of course).

pine cove has left permanent impressions on every inch of our hearts. our relationship started here, our parenting started here, our biggest heart aches and proudest moments have happened with these people by our side.

there are almost a dozen full time staff that started as Ranch camp staffers so it was particularly hard to know that we won't be here to walk along side them any longer.  it is our hope that they know our deep, deep love for them.  here are some of those sweet faces.

lance's camp name is silly puddy.  
in this one they said, "make a puddy face!"

this is the team that lance had to say goodbye to.  stud men of God... they will go on to do extraordinary things for the sake of Christ.

taylor jervis (on the far right) will be missed just as much!

and here is his bride, lacey... i wanted more time with this sweet girl! we'll have to be long distant friends for now!!

just some of the ranch girls... sigh!  love these relationships!

jenny... there are NO words... i'm tearing up just typing.  
it has been an absolute pleasure to walk through life with you!

and steph, who hosted this event in her home.  what a privilege to know you as more than just my husband's bosses wife.  friend, confidant, wise counsel, fellow mother... I LOVE YOU!

oh, pc, how we will miss so much - 
but we will remember and step faithfully into our next chapter of life. 
i trust that the LORD has good things in store!

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  1. Ooooook. This post was sad and great all at the same time!!! Mandy, I can tell you right now that I wouldn't be who I am today without your advice, counsel, fun, laughter, family, genuineness (what is the word I'm looking for??!), teaching, great movie choices...hahaha and so much more!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. To say you'll be missed is the biggest understatement. See ya soon.


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