Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas: part one

i didn't think i would have time to make gifts for the neighbors this year and i probably didn't have the time, but i made the time as a reprieve from packing.  i made honey butter again.  remember, my friend meaghan gave me the recipe years ago.... so yummy.  click HERE if you'd like to try it.

we celebrated a few days early because we were going to be traveling. we had just about nothing in our house except a modest tree, the stockings, and gifts.  it's amazing how fun simple can be!

scooters were the big thing this year!

riley loves anything that can fly!

can't believe what a sweet pic we got of him considering we later found out he had fever 
(joyful, joyful)

oh, yes!  and our little watcher was happy too! poor forth kiddo... each kid opened a gift for him and kind of tossed it at him.

caleb brought me my "stocking" from lance.  he had to get creative b/c i pinned griffen's to mine.  i know, i know... i didn't get the stocking finished in time.  but doesn't moving excuse me from things like that?? it will be done by next christmas (wink)!

allie wanted to give her daddy a gift.  she found a cute square box, decorated it up, and gave him an apple!  so sweet!

we also got to open a gift that she brought from school.  she did such a great job keeping it a secret...
it was a clay pot that she made in art class!  LOVE IT! (just ignore the mom look here... it's early!)

this is one of those priceless sibling pictures that they all laugh at later and hate to let any friends see.  i asked each of them to get their favorite gift for a pic... (wow, caleb, orange soccer socks and dallas cowboy crocs - but the scooter was his favorite thing).
shortly after cleaning up, we hoped in the van and headed to b'ville... 
part two coming soon!

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  1. Glad you had a Merry Christmas! Big or small, fancy or plain, it just doesn't matter. It's being together, being thankful and sharing LOVE is what really matters. Happy New Year, family!


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