Monday, December 12, 2011

Grown Guys and Cupcakes

The Forge Program here at PC is an amazing one.  It is a leadership training program.  
In this program they are exposed to a LARGE range of things, varying from theology study, survival training, character development, and EVEN...
cupcake decorating???

In order to show the guys that they can learn a new skill simply to bless someone in their lives, we held a class on how to bake and decorate cupcakes.

there was quite a bit of discussion....

and collaboration...

and detailed work!

i looked at these pics later and realized... oh, my!  they look SO BORED!

i mean... really bored! 
almost MAD!  

 but don't worry... they cut up a bit

 and were super silly at times

and in the end, i think they were proud of what they did!

they even offered me a cupcake and it was SOO yummy 
(double chocolate cupcakes with peppermint icing).

and LOOK!  they even do dishes! 
it was so fun.  i've never had that many guys cooking in my kitchen.  it was a site to behold! 

hey guys, thanks for letting me be a part of the forge program!  
i had a great time hanging out with all of you!

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  1. Priceless! They may have looked bored, but I'll wager that they'll never forget what they learned! Very funny!


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