Friday, December 16, 2011

elf on the shelf

we love to pretend with elf on the shelf... 

nothing more to it other than we hide him different places each morning and the kids love to find him.

he has been a little more naughty this year due to my addiction to pintrest!

he hung up underwear and took their stockings down.

alllie lost another tooth (that's number 3) and elf stole her dollar.

she found a note from him saying that if she found him she could have her dollar back.

he got all the christmas books down and read his own story.

he poured sugar on the table and had a good time....

he hung out with mary, joseph, and baby jesus

and, most recently, wrapped our christmas tree.

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  1. Silly Elf! He's very creative and funny! I bet the kiddos had a blast!


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