Thursday, December 22, 2011

allie's last day of school

our sweet angel had to say goodbye to her friends, teacher, and school last week.
Luckily, it was polar express day (so they wore their pjs) and the christmas party so there were a few distractions.

they had yummy cupcakes and cookies.  they traded books and recycled, handmade gifts.  it was adorable!

i've taught kinder before, but i didn't realize until this year the impact that a teacher actually has on a life.  i've watched as the amazing woman impacted our little girl in such a huge way in just five short months!  that is alot of influence and i'm grateful that mrs. martin has high expectations and LOTS of love for these little girls and guys.

allie begged to have pics of the whole class... here is her first little group of buddies

and now the real personalities come out... ha!
we will miss owens!  
"be your best! do your best! act your best!"

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  1. Sweet pictures! I'm so glad that Allie had such a wonderful teacher and her classmates are all adorable. I'm sure Allie will miss them, yet I know that it won't take her long to meet new friends.


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