Wednesday, December 21, 2011

gingerbread fortress

during winterfest this past weekend, the kids joined the campers and staff during their gingerbread house decorating contest.

we did alot of licking our fingers...

and in the end, we had to make a fortress b/c we ran out of graham crackers (that's what happens when the engineer of the family is not there for the construction portion... ha)

but they did get really creative:
can you spy the jolly rancher mailbox?
what about the lollipop trampoline?

and the peppermint pathways?

they had so much fun and the quote of the evening from allie was "we get to stay up late like big people!"

and did they ever... they fell into bed at 9:30 with no arguments!

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  1. Love these guys! They did an amazing job. Glad they are experienced now b/c Grammie has a Gingerbread house that needs decorating! :)


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