Thursday, December 15, 2011

Caleb turns FIVE

with each passing year, i try to figure our how my kids have gotten so big.  
slow days and quick years, i guess

caleb is probably the most excited about waking up to birthday balloons!  as soon as we started singing, we could hear him giggling his way awake.

his birthday breakfast choice was corner bakery! 
everyone grabbed a muffin or cinnamon roll and enjoyed being together.
once we had eaten...
it was time to open his three gifts from us. 
this year we got him a dallas cowboys jersey, some cars cars, and...
a pirate ship.
now the boys have two so that they can have battles. 

but all our gifts didn't measure up to what his aunt and uncle sent him....
buzz lightyear gets the award for the most coveted gift!  
it was the highlight of his day.
caleb's birthday will forever be a reminder that we are not guaranteed time with any of our children and to LOVE them now!  lance and i teared up several times yesterday thinking about how when he was in the hospital we would try to imagine him as a five year old and hope we would get to see this day... it was pretty emotional and then we also had our send off party with pine cove.  That group of people, our family, our community... stood stood beside us during that VERY scary time. it was hard to look back and look forward all in one day. 

however, are hearts swell with gratitude to our LORD for his provision in the past and future!


  1. Yay Caleb, Happy Birthday! What a happy little man. You really captured some great expressions. He has such a sweet spirit! Sounds like you had an exciting, emotional day giving thanks. God is good ALL the time....

  2. Happy Birthday Caleb! Love his reactions to the gifts (my 5 year old has ZERO reactions - HA!) Praying for you in this time of transition.

  3. Happy Birthday Caleb! You are a miracle from God!

    Prayed for you yesterday as I mailed your card, didn't know you needed it, but I guess the Lord did! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Caleb! Thinking of you often, Mandy, and praying for your family during this crazy time of lasts and firsts! The Lays sure do love the Siscos!!!


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