Friday, April 1, 2011


any time that i get out and about people say things like "you're brave to be here" or "i can't believe you're doing this with four." what many don't realize is that is FAR easier to be going and doing than at home with four rowdy kids!

so, with that in mind, last weekend we made a quick trip to columbus, tx so that lance could help with free family day at our outback campus. the added bonus to the trip was seeing LOTS of friends and family!

we spent one afternoon with the lays, prestons, and drakes. here is a pic of six of the ten kids that were there!

allie took a picture of th mommies. didn't she do well?
(amy, jenny, me, and meg)

the next day the kids got to enjoy the free family day

then it was off to my parents house to introduce griffin to my aunt robin

and gran

the kiddos got splash around in the hot tub

it was far to chilly to be in the pool

and guess who finally decided that the tractor wasn't so scary?

the kids love to explore the property and this time they found a dirt pile... oh, joy!:)

in the end, the trip was fun and not too stressful... our big kids travel great... now we just have to train that little guy!


  1. 1) I love Riley's hair.
    2) Allie looks so big feeding Griffin.
    and 3) I love your family.

  2. did alot in "little" time. Way to make the most of it. All the pictures are great!


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