Thursday, April 14, 2011

we miss you!

grammie was here last week and we already miss her LOTS! just like when my mom was here, we did tons of tag teaming and just trying to get down the daily routine. i've had a hard time managing it by myself since she left... she cooked, cleaned, entertained, and everything in between.

thanks for loving on the kiddos grammie... thanks for all their fun easter gifts too! they are still shooting nerf guns everywhere and writing with easter egg chalk on the patio! :)
thank you also for giving me the chance to shop the ccc sale, work the sale, and have a day at the salon... i got lots of things done last week and it was wonderful! come again soon... PLEASE!!!


  1. I had such a GREAT time! Mandy, you are quite the awesome MOM! Lance, I love watching you give everyone their own special time. Love and miss you all.

  2. Love Griffin's cheeks in that first picture - little man, please stop growing until I have a chance to meet you please?


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