Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter in your Home

this post is probably going out way too late, but we've had so much activity around here! i wanted to share some fun things to help your little ones focus on more than just bunnies, eggs, and candy this Easter.
last year i posted about our easter mountain which we have done again this year. you can check it out HERE. And my friend, Kate, has made her own resurrection eggs and shares all the goodies you need including a printable PDF file. check out her creativity HERE.

And if you are like me and the season is hectic and you have had no time to think then try this simple activity...
1. buy some biscuit dough (your favorite kind)... we get the cheap ones
2. combine some cinnamon and sugar in a tiny bowl
3. grab some marshmallows (any kind... we happened to have the carmel/vanilla ones) and tear them in half
4. wrap the dough around your half marshmallow (make sure to press the seam tightly) and roll in cinnamon sugar
5. talk with your kiddos about how after Jesus's death he was placed in the tomb. explain that for this snack we are going to imagine that Christ is the marshmallow and the biscuit is the tomb.
5. pop in the oven and bake as biscuits direct.
6. turn the oven light on and let your kiddos be the soldiers outside the tomb... guarding to make sure Jesus's followers don't come and steal the body.

here is the result:

no worries if some pop open. surely you can get a couple that stay closed.

like this pretty one here! take a closed up tomb, cut it open and....

shout, "He has risen!"
the marshmallow is gone and the tomb is empty!
my kids had so much fun with this that we cut all of them open and shouted it EVERY time! :) it is a great activity and a yummy snack... hope you enjoy!

if you have time to share your easter traditions, i would LOVE to hear them!

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  1. I'm so glad I got to be there when you and the grandkiddos made these. This is such an awesome idea and I'm going to make it with my great nieces and nephews this Easter. I can't wait!


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