Saturday, April 30, 2011

officer of the year

my sis was given the award of officer of the year for her department in university park. they held a reception in honor of her and others receiving awards for various things. here are a few pics of the evening:

jeni and her girls, taylor and blake

me and my incredibly hot date

mom and dad made the trip up as well

the food was good, but the dessert was wonderful

blake earned the title of "baby whisperer." isn't griffin getting big?

jeni receiving her award and trying to pretend like she is my MATURE older sister...
but we all know better and here is the proof! HA! :)
love you jen and super proud of you! keep up the good work... you are a dedicated officer and passionate about your job!


  1. Please convey our congratulations to Officer Jeni! Everyone looks great and we love both the mature and "silly" Jeni....and her favorite sis~! So good to see your folks, Lance and Blake and Taylor too! I bet they're really proud of their mother. Oh, my word.....Griffin has grown a ton and looks adorable!

  2. taylor is jeni's mini me for sure!!! wow! what a big award! and your shirt is SUPER cute ;)

  3. I have to say that pic makes me laugh every time I look at it! Thank you Mandy and Lance for coming. That meant a TON! Love you guys!

  4. That last pic is hilarious! Can't believe how BIG her girls are getting. Glad you had an evening with your family and your man!


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