Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my gap is great

allie is growing up so fast and has just lost her first baby tooth. it has been loose for two weeks and daddy finally gave it a tug sunday night. it was a neat lesson in trusting our father- even when it may hurt a little (we all needed that reminder, right?)

i have to say, i was not prepared for the amount of blood. who knew that the absence of something so small could cause so much blood... uck!

because of the drama i decided to borrow an idea from my friend meg and throw allie a party to celebrate the amazing experience of loosing her first baby tooth. we made a little cake...

and invited a couple of friends over to see the HOLE. :) we read Col 1:10 and talked about the fact that even though growing up physically is soo cool... growing in the LORD is much more important!

her best girlfriend, maggie, was the first person that she wanted to invite to her celebration.

allie is looking forward to maggie losing her first tooth too!it was a fun memory, but we did have to inform allie that you only lose your first baby tooth once and the others won't come with a party! HA! so now she wants her brother to "hurry up and lose a tooth so we can have some more cake." :)


  1. How fun are you? In the middle of life being a little crazy you still take the time to celebrate special moments and tie it to scripture. I may have to steal this little idea in a few years. :)

  2. Hey, Allie girl that was quite some hole! What a great party with your friends. We love you much!

  3. ah! i love that you did a party!!!!

  4. mandy, thanks for being such a great mom! i love learning from you. you are just incredible at pointing your sweet kids to Jesus.


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