Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrate Jesus!

i really do love this "holiday." The story that began with a baby in a humble stable comes full circle with our Redeemer making the greatest sacrifice. The GREATEST gift - forgiveness, life, hope!

here are my silly kids dying Easter eggs on Sat. why eggs? i don't know what these have to do with Christ, but they do still have fun with this tradition. you can see our resurrection mountain on the shelf in the background... the guards are standing watch!

and the next morning they woke up the next morning.... HE has RISEN!

and a few Easter goodies... everyone got an umbrella and a Disney cup with the most - favored jellybeans!

a few quick pics before church...

ha! coaxed riley into this pic with more jellybeans... we'll need to work on the smile next

thanks to my sweet daughter, i got to be in a pic. poor griffin... not the best pic of him... it was nap time! oops!

after church the big kids hid eggs for riley and he had his very own hunt. he was really confused at the practice hunt (aka: mom needs a minute... take these eggs, go outside, and play egg hunt) and cried alot when the big kids got any of the eggs.

he, of course, had help the whole time! ;)

then it was the big kids' turn. please notice the difference in personality in the next two pics.

BAM! and she's gone!

la-de-da... hum... what am i looking for? la-de-da.

we had a big Easter lunch complete with LOTS of wonderful friends!
(hannah, robby, rachel, lance with griffin, anna, and jenny)

we polished off a great day by playing with our umbrellas outside! LOOK closely b/c you may not see this again for several years... allie is wearing shorts! ahh!
hope your Easter holiday was filled with the hope of our LORD Jesus Christ! To him be the glory!

*** funny sisco story to come soon. stay tuned. ***


  1. Loved seeing all the smiling (almost!) faces in this post! Happy Easter, Wonderful Siscos!

  2. hey, i should have asked before, but i put your resurrection roll blog post on my blog last week. sorry i didn't tell you first. :) love your "personality pics"...look much like my #1 and #2! :) hope y'all had a great Easter weekend!

  3. What a great Easter celebration! Someone told me that "the egg" represents NEW life! Thanks to Jesus, that makes sense. We too had a great celebration of our Risen Lord with Jared's and Stacey's families. The rains held off long enough on Saturday for us to decorate eggs and Easter egg-shaped sugar cookies outside on the patio after dinner. The kiddos did an amazing job. What fun! (Stacey's blog will probably have all the pictures of the day).


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