Friday, December 4, 2009

ms. mary

we lost a dear friend this week. our neighbor, adopted grandma, gatekeeper of the neighborhood, and friend passed away on monday night. i'm taking it so hard. it was unexpected and it has rocked my world. But, in his true fashion, the LORD has shown himself to me in so many ways and i have to share one story. about three weeks ago, after passing a cemetery, allie began asking me about death and heaven. we've had many conversations about it since then. (she is mostly concerned about not having her toys when she dies). little did i know that those conversations were God's way of preparing the heart of a little four year old girl. i received the news about mary while we were out of town and i wanted to wait to talk to allie when we got home. i crawled in bed with her this morning and NO KIDDING this is the dialogue that followed:
me: "hey, babe, good morning."
allie: "oh, hey mom... (smile)... i love you"
m: i love you too!
a: (putting her hand on my face) you know, mom, we are all going to die one day."
m: (crying and utterly shocked) yeah, i know
a: but we get to go to heaven if we love jesus
m: yeah, you're right, we do. do you know mary loved jesus with all her heart
a: yeah, she does
m: and she got to go and be with jesus this week.
a: (laughing) ha, no, not now, mom.
m: yes, now... she died this week and went to be with jesus
a: oh... well, who will take care of mr. bill?
m: mrs. connie is going to take care of him now.
a: oh, ok
m: are you ok?
a: yeah
m: if you need to talk or have any questions, daddy and i would love to chat with ya about it
a: ok, i'm ready for breakfast now.

i know that she has not fully grasped it yet... she even yelled "hey mary" across the street when someone else was pulling out of her driveway. however, i am in total awe of God's graciousness to speak to the heart of a four year old little girl in the midst of all this. in doing so, my faith is renewed by HIS GOODNESS!

we miss you ms. mary!!!!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. It's just amazing the small details that God cares about. How he knows our hearts. I'm so sorry for your loss. Mary sounds like a huge blessing! I can't wait to meet Mary later! I love you, Girl.

  2. Wow - what an incredible story and that in a way, the Lord used Allie to comfort you! I know Mary will be greatly missed and that she was a blessing to your family but you were also such a blessing to her!

  3. What a sweet and tender moment to have with your daughter. I am sorry you guys lost someone you love, but I am so grateful that Allie has you and Lance to teach her such a huge concept in such a gentle way. You guys are such great parents! love and miss you guys!

  4. We're so sorry for your loss and thankful and encouraged that God uses and hears even the smallest of hearts in our time of need. Mary was a sweet lady and I know that through knowing her, ALL of your lives were blessed.


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