Monday, December 14, 2009

caleb turns THREE!

i can not believe that my little boy is so big!!!
we celebrated this weekend with a thomas the train party!
so, of course, he got a train set... this is when we realized what it was!
Toby!! one of his favorite trains!
when allie turned three we got her a big girl bike... so he was thrilled to get his big boy bike!
he jumped right on and said, "kachow!"
we had cake and icecream and then went out for lunch!
the day must have been busy b/c we managed to get a few pics of caleb, but not one of any other family member. he had both sets of grandparents, his aunt jeni, and two cousins there to celebrate! thanks for coming family! he had a blast!

here is the train all set up on the table that lance made for him. he did a great job... eventually, we will take the legs off and had casters so that it will roll under a bed. as you can see caleb's cars have joined the trains in Sodor! HA!


  1. he's so big!!! and ADORABLE! you will not regret one penny you spent on that train ;-)

  2. So FUN! Those train cakes are amazing!!!

  3. Poppy and I sure got blessed by our time there w/family.....and watching Caleb's excitement and gratitude over every gift he opened, was so amazing! As I recall, he shouted a big "WOW" upon opening each present. He's the sweetest little man around! The cakes,train table, meals, and family fellowship was awesome. We had a fantastic time. Happy 3rd Birthday, Caleb!

  4. are you going to join the cast of the Food Network's Amazing Cakes?? You are so good at that!! and that makes it so special for the kids!


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