Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at home!

the night before our trip to Bartlesville, we celebrated as an immediate family. we've combined traditions by wrapping most gifts, but leaving one gift unwrapped. lance got the tree all set up while i gave the kids their baths. we'll tell you each of their favorite gifts:

allie was thrilled with her baby bed and LOVED that it was pink... of course! i found this bed at an antique shop up the street. lance sanded it, gave it a new bottom, and painted it for her.
caleb couldn't wait to get the plastic off his fireman outfit. HE has not stopped being a fireman ever since!
riley had no clue what was happening this year, but he did get his first "lovey." it is a crocodile that we affectionately named "hatch." it had been his travel and sleeping buddy!

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