Friday, December 18, 2009

getting creative

riley's photo shoots (and i use that term lightly) are getting interesting... weather and his mobility are making it difficult to get a good pic, but here are some sweet shots that i snapped this was part of my slowing down and enjoying my kiddos!

what he is up to: he will be 10 months next week, smiles non-stop, babbles continually, signs more when eating, has taken a few steps without holding onto anything, loves to wrestle with dad and brother, thinks his sister is the BEST, doesn't like to be left in a room alone.


  1. i can't believe his dark hair! he's so cute (and big)!

  2. wow.....I just had a HUGE Deja Vu moment. Sometimes Riley looks just like his daddy did.....except for his beautiful (Mandy) blue eyes that I love! He's sure a cutie!


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