Saturday, November 28, 2009

so much to be thankful for....

thanksgiving has come and gone! we had a great visit in simonton. i'll let the pics tell the story!

these are my childhood friends: lisa and brooke. we finally got together.... it has been WAY too long. we had some good laughs and stayed up late!
thanksgiving morning... this is my Gran and mom workin' in the kitchen!
i always try to bring some type of food from lance's family favorites. this year i was brave and tried his grandma's striped jello... wow, charline... i've got a lot to learn... but not bad for my first time!
this is my adopted grandmother, mrs. fann! we go WAY back. anytime that i tell her i love her, she responds with, "i love you better!"
here are our friends, meg and pat. they came from columbus to endure our wild family.
this is allie with two cousins, mady and katie. don't ask about katie's dress... long story. we just kept telling her she was overdressed!
can you find evie? she thought doing the puzzle upside down was more challenging
my cousins, david and stephanie! love catching up with them!!!
of course, who can come to mimi and pawpaw's and not get in the hot tub?
my precious parents... the host and hostess for the day!!
mom with her sister... her loving nick name is Crazy aunt robin!
there were many tractor rides!!
and they finished the visit by putting a few ornaments on the tree.
thanks for are great time, mimi and pawpaw... we'll look forward to new year's eve!


  1. wow...loved this post! It was like a drive down memory lane......seeing some familiar faces from long ago was great fun. After seeing the pic of Ms. Fann, I remember her after all. She's still just as beautiful as she was at your & Lance's wedding. Your Gran, Mom and Dad look great as well........they obviously looked happy and thankful that so many of you were sharing Thanksgiving with them. All the girls/ladies look adorable...oh, and it was fun seeing Pat and his wife. (I think he stayed here one night when Lance was recruiting)...yes? Last, but not least, your jello looks amazing. I'll be sure and let GiGi know that you took her masterpiece to share with your family. Missed seeing Lance and Riley...perhaps they were doing dishes??? One can only hope. See you and the kiddos in just two days!! Sad day for us "Cowboy fans" today, so I'm glad to see these happy photos and get me out of the dumps.

  2. love these pics, there is nothing like going home for thanksgiving or christmas! You all look so good... and I thought your jello was soooo cool! good job!
    Love you guys!


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