Monday, December 7, 2009

lovin' me some bartlesville

last week was hiring week at pine cove. it is one of the hardest times for me because lance is here, but he pulls long hours and his mind is completely spinning with so many things. it has only taken me five years to realize that it would probably be a blessing to all involved if we left town.

so we packed up the van and made a six hour drive to bartlesville to visit grammie, poppy, and many other friends! i don't have time to discuss the drive... it was wild, but i learned some good lessons!
we took tons of pictures...
helped poppy decorate the christmas tree...

visited family: this is lance's cousin, stacey - who is like a sister to me! we wished we lived closer! (sorry about the blurry pic... she has a better one here).
played dress up with cousin mackenzie

and decorated a gingerbread train!

thanks for the great time grammie and poppy... we can't wait to come for christmas!


  1. looks like so much fun!!! i'm glad that you love your in-laws ;-) jon and i just had to total up the time b/c i CAN NOT believe you've been at PC 5years!!! how'd you make that train?

  2. sounds like a great new tradition for this time of year!

  3. i know... we can't believe it has been five years either... the train was a kit!


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