Monday, October 19, 2009


that i'm keepin' it easy:

1. we are taking time make silly faces and laugh!
2. my hall closet looks like a bomb went off (organizing tips on a future post!)
3. yes, i seriously let my kids go in public looking like this!
leave me a comment of inspiration letting me know how you're keepin' it easy!


  1. haaaaaaa! you just made my day. keep on keepin' it it!

  2. Allie's boots are cracking me up - especially with her facial expression! So, Anna has on shorts AND jeans today - does that count? Thanks for keeping it easy AND real. Screaming baby (which has been the norm these days - hope it's just teething) gotta run!

  3. that must be the least destructive bomb in the history of the world that went off in that closet. All of my closets are way worse than that!!!

  4. Uh, your closet looks great! Chaz and I are keeping it easy by staying in our pj's and watching Baby Einstein b/c we are both sick today!

  5. Girl, we are forced to keep it easy these days...we are no longer stressed about my car not fitting into the garage because of so many UNPACKED BOXES. Hello...we moved almost FOUR months ago! Kitchen sink is often full - but I would rather PLAY with my boys.

    They are only home with us for a few short years...don't want to miss a thing!

  6. there is no picture to prove it, but i keep it easy by racing my kids on heelys. i am getting pretty good. today i totally bit it! it was hilarious!


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