Sunday, October 4, 2009

new title

you may, or may not, have noticed that i changed the title of our blog. i've been wanting to change it for awhile and have been thinking through some options. since having riley in february, i adopted a new philosophy that i TRY to hold myself to.... "anything goes!" however, after meditating on that phrase i realized that anything doesn't go in our home. we hold our children accountable for things and expect them to be responsible members of our home and community. the Lord has expectations for each of our lives and presses our hearts on issues that need changing. so rather than adopting that motto i decided to go with "keep it easy!"

this life is too short to stress over keeping the sand in the sandbox. it is too precious to argue with a 3 year old about wearing her tutu to the store. life happens so quickly and i want to soak it in... every bit of diaper changing, giggles, playing trucks, doing dishes, splashing in the tub, folding clothes, kissing ouchies... all of it! i don't want to miss a thing!

i hereby declare, on this sunday, october 4th that the sisco family from this day forth will KEEP IT EASY!


  1. "Keepin it easy" sounds good to me. Your kids (just like mine).... will be grown before you know it, with children of their own. Enjoy every moment and praise God every step of the way.

  2. love the new blog title ;-) isn't it true that life is too short! you know, play dough colors are just going to get mixed up.

  3. Keepin it easy is not easy. But thank you for reminding me to stop dwelling on the crumbs, pee and poo on the floor, lost toy parts, ruined clothes, creative haircuts, and stepping on things that shouldn't be on the floor. Sometimes I can't wait till they're in school and I'll finally have time to clean up after them! Not to mention time to exercize, eat, sleep, go to the dentist, read, and cook and get groceries...and gone are the days when using the toilet was a private event. But there are tender heart-warming moments like yesterday's sword fight between the three of them, which I video taped. Ahhh precious!

  4. I like the new title - what a great reminder every time I read your blog to not sweat the small stuff but to simply ENJOY what God has placed in my life.


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