Thursday, October 8, 2009

i want to burst into song...

do you remember the song "what a mighty good man?" check out my mantel! the picture does not do the roses justice (i don't know what is wrong w/ our camera?) and the card is probably the sweetest one lance has given me since we have gotten married.... very, very thoughtful!

and.. the kicker.... it was filled w/ cash to get a new oven!! hallelujah! have you seen my oven? i'll have to show you a picture some time. it is off by 75 degrees, over cooks the bottom, and doesn't cook the top! hahaha! it is time. i just had to share my surprise and let everyone know that my husband is amazing!


  1. YEAH!!! I am so happy for you. A new oven will change your life. Love of love, Missy

  2. YAAAHOOOOO! I've seen your oven, used your oven and you, Mandy, are SOOOOO deserving of a brand new oven. You have been so patient.Did God raise up a great husband, father, son???? I'm so happy for you and proud of my son!!!
    Oh, just to reinforce.........God DOES answer my prayers. Happy Baking!


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