Saturday, October 24, 2009

a home divided!

today our school spirit was soaring high because baylor and oklahoma state played one another. as you can see the house was divided unevenly! but i have to say that, although they are wearing OSU, they cheered endlessly for the bears! HA! i think they were confused!

lance and i tried to watch the game with all three kids running around the room.

the kids are always excited to put on their orange. they know it makes their daddy proud. (fyi: you'll see these outfits again for halloween.)


  1. sic'em! love the pink table btw!

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  3. I'm relieved to hear they were cheering for the right team. children have a wisdom about this type of thing! they clearly have seen past the score to know that the bears are in fact the best around! I thought about you at the game on Saturday!


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