Saturday, October 17, 2009

perfect day for pickin'

This is one of my favorite family traditions!! i love visiting the pumpkin patch.... here is a list of the days activities: rode the tractor train, fed the catfish, played on the playground, took the hayride, found a pumpkin, played duck races, cried all the way to the car!

didn't they take such a great picture!!! and yes, karen, i'll make you a copy! :)
it was no surprise which trains they picked!
isn't that adorable?
riley just loves to stand up these days!
best friends... those are their words!
this one is a framer!
riley was such a trooper, but when we got in the car it was lights out for him!


  1. What FUN - and GREAT pictures! Yes, the pumpkin patch is also one of my favorite family events of the year - we'll get there soon. It looks like it was such a good day - where are the pictures of beautiful mommy?

  2. What an awesome pumpkin patch and what a great family tradition! These pics are so good and the kids look like they had a blast! Always love seeing what you guys are up to!

  3. WOW...........the ONLY way these pics could have been any better, is if YOU had been in them as well! Adorable! The end of the month cannot come fast enough!

  4. So much fun! They are the perfect age to enjoy it! They look so happy!


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