Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i'm so proud!

most of you will just see a stick figure... and that's fine, but for the teacher in me, this is GREAT! when i taught kindergarten, one of my favorite things was to watch the development of young minds. now i get to watch it in my own kiddos. allie use to just draw the head w/ a mouth and eyes. lately, she has been adding legs, arms, hair, and a nose! as her brain develops even further she will start to add hands, feet, clothes, and other details! i smiled so big when i saw this today! my little girl is growing all the time!


  1. I'm proud too! I wonder if that's Grammie's "round" face in that picture? Oh, the memories this brings back. I still have some of Lance's & Kent's original art work!

  2. Wow Mandy - she looks like such a grown up big girl in that picture. Yea for developing brains!

  3. She does look so big! I just found a picture of the day we came to see you right after she was born! It goes by so fast!!


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