Thursday, August 22, 2013

The rest of the story

So once Darcie and i sat down and hashed through details we put the whole story together.  Her husband, Matt, put his name on the waiting list for the craft weekend and WON.  if you haven't ventured to meg's site you may not realize that there are 1500 people waiting to get in and it is a random draw each time.  the odds are low!  matt asked around for people to join darcie before calling my guy.  he had to twist lance's arm a little considering the price is large.  lance happens to have two speaking opportunities coming up this fall that are going to off set the cost and matt took care of my air fare with miles that they had (wasn't that sweet??) in the end, lance realized this was a bucket list event for me and decided the sacrifice was worth it.... HE WAS RIGHT!

if you don't like people that take pictures of food turn back now because the rest of this post will be few words, lots of pictures, and yes mostly about food!  here we go!!

upon arriving at the Wichita airport, matt had arranged for a sweet pc staffer, maddy, to pick us up and take us out for coffee and gelato.  we had a couple of hours to kill before our "aprons" were picking us up.

back at the airport we found 2 other crafters (lori and mary) and hopped into the van!

we're here!!! 

front door.  making this soon for sure!!

 front entry, looking into the kitchen

upon arriving i was handed a margarita and told to look all around the house and settle in.  i had fun checking out all the different rooms and meeting the fun ladies i would be spending the weekend with.  

our first meal was chicken enchiladas with corn salad.  YUM!!  our only rule for the weekend was that we were not allowed to touch our dishes... just walk away from the table.  such a break for this momma!! ;)

 i think darcie was enjoying herself!!  she was beaming!

here was my spot to sleep... although, i spent very little time here.  and that little guy on my bed was part of our swag for the weekend.  his name is hoho!

craft central

more swag... this is how meg affentionately refers to goods that people send us for the weekend.  all of them have their own business and make adorable things.  i'll post some of my favorites and where you can find them later!

 breakfast on day two. more icing than cinnamon roll? yes, please.

after breakfast we loaded up and headed out for a morning of thrift stores and antiquing. 

here were some of my junk finds.  i'll have to show you pictures of how i transform them as i get to it.  although, that basket is already filled with cook books and on top of my fridge.  i wish i would have taken a picture of lunch on this day.  they packed a great meal of wraps, grapes, and brownies and we ate on the deck of the barn.  very unique moment!

back to the house and time to start crafting!

dinner.  beautiful salad and chilli with golden raisins.  don't knock it... it was Amazing!!  

there was a 10 pm snack both nights.  first night was cheesecake and this one we named bigger than your face chocolate cake.  both were just what i needed to keep crafting!

bunting is a new fave of mine... if you come by, beware, i might have hung tons of it by then!

 fabric chandelier for allie's room

i also made a pillow case, an apron, and a wire word that says "abide."

day three loveliness. coffee cake, fruit, and an iced latte.   

after breakfast, we had some photo shoots on the front lawn.

 this is the talented meg and kimberlee.  they were the hostesses with the mostesses.
  julie and natalie (friends)

lori and mary (college buddies)

dusti and belinda (sister-in-laws)

and somehow i missed a pic of the fabulous four... those ladies have been friends for quite a while!  however, tonya  (far left) was one of them and roomed with us. 

before i knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.  isn't this the happiest luggage you've ever seen?

my carry on was my bucket and i was just praying they let me take it... this was taken just after security... I MADE IT!!

 it was one of the most relaxing and life-giving weekends i've had!  coming home so quickly was hard... but who can resist this?  

those kids had their faces pressed to the glass!  LOVE THEM!!

griff gave his seal of approval to hoho and he has now become our family tooth pillow!

lance sisco... you really couldn't top this surprise and just so we're clear... i was 100% pleased!  thanks sweet man!  you are ONE of a KIND!!  


  1. So fun! That's got to be one of the best surprises I've ever heard tell of and you look beautiful and refreshed!!! I'm so glad you got to have such a wonderful retreat1! Way to go, Lancer! Oh my, and coming home to all those smiling faces?.....priceless!

  2. Grant Hester (Towerably Intimberdating"August 25, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    I miss you guys and your wonderful family! Glad to see that you are doing so well! Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  3. I think I just want to go for the food!


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