Saturday, August 24, 2013

11 years and counting

11 years!!!   
our anniversary fell on a really busy weekend.  and that was fine because we have over celebrated this one!!  we went to cancun for my sister's wedding and decided that would be our anniversary trip and lance sent me on the getaway of a life time last weekend.... 
so, when the big day arrived, we scooped all our kids up and enjoyed breakfast at bread winners.  it was pretty crazy... riley would not even be in the picture

but they all got cinnamon rolls bigger than their heads and then fell into a sugar comma.
so, we win.

that evening was a member appreciation at church and lance reminded me why i love him so...

you can't take the camp out of this guy.  isn't he cute??

one of the things that i gave lance was his very own hint box.  he gave me one for christmas and he needed one.  we use them to give each other little hints about things that may help us feel loved.  can't wait to see what he puts in his.  

i also sent him 11 emails throughout the day with 11 things i love about our marriage... i'm going to post those tomorrow.

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