Thursday, August 1, 2013

smith family reunion

a few weeks ago, we got to catch up with extended family on the smith side.  the reunion took place at my parent's house so the kids were comfortable to run all over and have a blast!!

my mom themed the place up with sunflowers

the kids were in the pool 90% of the time

there was the occasional game because the smith family LOVES to game!

being as we supply the little boys in our family, there was lots of lizard catching

pawpaw was busy taking the kids on tractor and gator rides most of the weekend.  in fact, griffin didn't want him to do anything else.

riley even managed to corner  uncle travis into some one on one time.

"big taylor" (travis's son) was woken up by our kiddos often!!

it was pretty much amazing

here is a pic of all the kids that were there (10)... crazy to think that some of them were missing!  that's alot of kids!! i believe we were 11 missing.  wowzers!!

and as if that wasn't enough fun... we stopped to see despicable me 2 on the way home

and snag our little girl a baylor shirt for the school year.  her school has college tshirt day every month and it WAS time!! 

until next summer smiths!!  we'll see you again soon!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Smith family reunion pics....your dad looks great,but where was Carol??? Oh, and Riley....way to "break-in" Uncle Travis to the fam! Looks like big Taylor got some extra love as well. What a fun time y'all must have had. Allie, yay that you finally got a Baylor shirt!!! Caleb, Riley and Griff, looks like you had some great time swimming with your "awesome" daddy. Love and miss you guys! Love, Grammie

  2. I'll be sure to bring an A&M shirt the next time I come over for Allie!! :)

  3. Sic 'em Bears!!


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