Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to the Books

getting school letters around here is a BIG deal.  i remember when i was a kid we use to drive up to the school and look at the list that they had posted of each class... not anymore... my kids press their faces to the window until the mailman arrives in anxious anticipation of who their teacher will be!

A got the teacher she was hoping for, mrs. may

C didn't care which teacher but was hoping to have two of his buddies from last year in his class.  that didn't happen, but he handled it well.

the day before school i took this one out for a date afternoon.  we ate at la madeleine and had some good conversation.  we discussed her word for the year which is self-control and decided that self- control of her body, mouth, and feelings would be a good thing to focus on.  her verse this year is 1 peter 1:13, "Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on Jesus."

over yogurt we talked about appropriate and inappropriate things that could happen or be discussed. This is always hard for me.  i hate to make her feel uneasy at all, but i want her to be ready and know how to respond if these issues come up.  and, i probably said a dozen times... "your momma has lots of things that she wants to teach you, but if someone beats me to it and you hear something new that we've never talked about it, then you let me know so i can make sure you heard true things."  she would just laugh and say, "i will mom, i promise."  
oh, please, please let it be so!!

and before we knew it, the crazy started!  we set out last year's pics, made hearts so they can take a little of our love with them, and poured the icing all over the cinnamon rolls.

i L. O. V. E. this recipe!!!  before you think me too cruel... i made the teachers some too so that the kids' sugar levels could be matched!  ha!! 

now here's where i go picture crazy.  sorry, not sorry. 

this day is always hardest on R.  
man, he is always sad to see them go back. 
i told him next year that he would be going with them and he asked, "tomorrow?"

there has been a lot of growth over a year

and, yay, no broken bones this year!

and we're off...

these two handcuffed themselves together because they didn't want to be apart.  MELT.  C didn't take them off until he got to his locker. 

our morning routine is to pray as a family and then we put all our hands in and break on SISCOS.  no comments on the kids pjs.... if you saw the post with the poop smeared door then you understand why he has to wear a random onsie to bed. 

somehow i managed to keep new lunch boxes a surprise until they got to their lockers.  he was so excited. i'm  bummed that the pic is blurry.

mrs. miller.  it's her first year at the school, but she has lots of experience and we're hoping this class welcomes her well.

mrs. may.  she has a son at OSU and a daughter that worked at PC... i think she might be part of the family!

oh, she liked hers too!

and then there were two.  boo hoo!!

luckily, i have this fun group of mommas to have play dates with, drive carpool with, and just do life along side! 

i hope your first days back were full of excitement and wonder too!  blessings on a new school year!!

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