Monday, August 26, 2013

more summer fun

summer is coming to a close and we've been discussing what our favorite summer memories were.

let it be noted that this was the first day of our summer break... lovely beginning!!  let's hope that the first day of school looks a lot better!!!

we went to the movies twice:
clifford's big movie and despicable me 2

we painted with kool aid.. super fun activity!!

made a water blob

art gallery in the front yard

zig zag races

story hour at the library

rode the dart to the park one saturday

had tons of kiddie pool fun

threw paper through a spiderweb

made lego mazes

shaving cream wars

splash pad

went to adventure landing to play putt putt

made confetti eggs

sidewalk chalk stencil city

free slurpies on 7/11

we got most of our summer list accomplished.  there are maybe 12 that we didn't get to.  we'll add those to next summer's list!

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  1. OK, the poop picture seriously almost made me gag...thanks for keeping it real!!! Looks like a super fun left of art gallery...which my girls have been begging to do! Yeah for sweet memories....yeah for new seasons!


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