Wednesday, August 21, 2013


about three years ago i started following this woman's blog.  she took amazing pictures, loved the Lord, and seemed to be a chill/fun mom that i enjoyed reading about.  fast forward to last week... lance slipped a note into my calendar on sunday afternoon.  you can see what he wrote below.

i was completely shocked - completely excited and had not one clue where i could be going.  he wouldn't tell me if he was going or if i was going alone.  as the week wore on, i realized that he must not be coming with me because we weren't packing kids or prepping the house with food. he also sent me the weather intermarry... i panicked... this was not near by.   

i don't travel alone.  
you can think i'm weird, but i've always had a friend, parent, child, or him... yikes!  i didn't know where i was going, what i was doing, and if anyone was coming with me.  

his response: "i'm 100% certain that you are going to have a wonderful time!" well, i couldn't argue with that so i tried desperately to sleep that night and not worry.

the next morning i got this letter:

really?  ruffled aprons only mean one thing in my world.  i went with it, packed and headed to the airport.  it is a strange feeling to wave goodbye to your family and walk away with no clue what your boarding pass is going to say.

my boarding pass confirmed my suspicious that i was heading to Wichita for the whatever craft weekend with meg duerkson (the momma that i've been following).  BUT i still wondered if i were going alone??

luckily, i ran into my friend darcie at the gate.  we both giggled and squealed and did other funny things that girls do out of excitement and sheer relief.  we were both excited to go, but having a friend brought alot of comfort and a whole new layer of good time!! 

i'll post the weekend soon, but be warned... it is not for the faint of heart... i took 142 pictures!


  1. Oh my goodness! How fun that must have been. I've never been more proud of my think of the thought and love that went in to such an adventure. Can't wait until hearing the "rest of the story".....

  2. Sweet words from your man! What wife doesn't want to hear "sweetheart, I'm still smitten with you" Well done Lance...perfect (and much deserved) weekend getaway for your beautiful bride!


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