Wednesday, August 8, 2012

another INCREDIBLE day

wednesday we woke up early and tip toed away for a morning trail ride.  got a chance to wear my boots again!

this was my first time on a pc horse... after 12 summers... i thought it was time! ;)
i did not feel like we were in east texas at all.  the weather was cool with a slight breeze and the trail we took was in an area i had never been in before.  sooo pretty!

the trail ride ended at this quaint cabin that was completely prepared for the breakfast feast that was about to be laid before us.  mountain top muffins, eggs, fruit, maple bacon, and biscuits.  it was fit for a king... unbelievably yummy!

 one of the most dangerous places to be... dock side as kids cast out metal hooks... caleb hooked three people and no fish.  ;)

riley snagged his first fish!  way to go big guy!

and allie caught herself a snapping turtle.  haha!

later that evening we dressed for famous family frenzy... 
we were the incredibles!

with one kid too many... riley decided to be incrediboy.  we even gave him red hair!  he was adorable.

pic of the night...

this was moments before family devo... need i explain how that went?

and a pic of the entire family!

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