Sunday, August 19, 2012

big adventures

i promise to wrap up our fun times at pine cove soon, but there was so much excitement to post! 
we had two family outings that included a little bravery and tons of excitement.  the first was the climbing wall / zipline.  allie and caleb had done the zip line, but riley and i were up for our first time! 

yikes!  i hope i don't die!

the whole fam (minus little guy)... it was only slightly warm waiting in the sun with helmets and harnesses. 

allie and caleb mid flight

riley wondering if this was a good idea.

allie conquering the climbing wall.

caleb at the top

next up was banana boating and griff got to join us for that.  our friend, mason, was at the doc too and we asked him to ride with us!  it was so fun to catch up with him.

my girl

cruising the waves

switch and riley braves up!

griff made up his own fun. 

the kids LOVED falling off!

on the way back the boys thought they looked like the pigs on angry birds... oh, my!
i know... i know.  i look like a scared duck jumping off the platform and my kids look like pros!  no judging... things get scarier the older you get! ;)

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  1. We've sooooo enjoyed the posts of your most recent adventures~! So good to see pics of all of you. Seems like you had the best of family times!Thanks for sharing.


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