Thursday, August 30, 2012

ten years- it's a big deal!

i sat in a room filled with women the other day and listened to them share how many years they had been married.  several of them 20 to 50 years of marriage.  i began to think... oh, well, i've only been married ten.

but, no!  every year of marriage is something to celebrate.  it's hard work to see past each others junk and choose to love that person no matter what.  it takes alot of sweat and tears to push past the hard days and enjoy the good ones.  it's exhausting to continue to fall into the same negative behaviors and disappoint your spouse AGAIN! some days it might seem easier to walk out the door and stop trying.  the enemy sure makes a point to make us feel that way.  But that's a lie... so whether you've been married 4 months or 40 years - it's a big deal!  way to stick with it.  way to put your spouse's needs before your own.  way to keep your chin up and work hard to make the very best out of your life with another person!

lance and i got to celebrate ten years last weekend and it really was a sweet memory that i will cherish for a lifetime.

it began with our angel wanting me to put my wedding dress on and dance with her daddy.   so (although a little cheesy) i did it and it was precious to see her response.

mind you this was first thing in the morning... no prep... no shower... us in our 10 year glory! 

and then, of course, she needed to try it on too!  *sigh* scary moment when you have this reality check.  i bet it's here before i know it.

then it was off for a surprise get away.  we stopped and loaded up on candy, popcorn, drinks, and movies.

i'll have to admit at this point that i fell asleep.  oops!  tired momma.  but when i woke up we were at veteran's park in arlington.  which doesn't look super nice anymore... but 10 years ago it was covered in beautiful flowers and was the spot that he proposed.  major points for bringing me back here.  it brought a flood of memories.  it was like a film strip in my head of the last 10 years. 

he gave me an anniversary band.  isn't it beautiful???  five more makes...ten! i have to brag because i LOVE it and look at it often as a reminder of the time spent together. 

we stayed the night at the hyatt place by the stock yards in fort worth.  that is such a cool area if you're ever that way.  and we ate at reata which was super nice and way yummy.  this was just dessert but we also ate an appetizer, salad, and main course.  OH MY

the next morning we thought we'd do a little shopping and try to find something tin (did you know that is the official ten year gift?).  we stumbled across one of these which we have a goal to collect and put different candies in.  this one make TWO!  yeah!

and just so you all don't think i'm a total slap... i did a few things for my guy too. 
i made him a card.

filled a jar with my ten favorite memories from the last 10 years.  it was fun to laugh about many of those.

i filled the outside fridge with all his favorite drinks.  that may seem random, but we do water, tea, and milk in the sisco home.  this is all for him!!

i also made him a "what a difference a day makes."
these are all the important dates, but really it was just a day in time... crazy to think how big each of these moments were.
there was one other gift, but it was not photographed.  ;)


  1. so cool! Thanks for sharing your memories with us.....oh, and many more Happy Anniversaries!

  2. cool allie in that wedding dress be ANY cuter?!?! love the dates too...may have to steal that ;)


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