Thursday, January 26, 2012

what ifs

so my husband is the KING of what ifs.  he enjoys throwing them out there and he knows that i usually roll my eyes and question why he would even bother thinking about that possibly happening.  ha ha... we are so different and i love it!

but the LORD has been throwing some what ifs my way and i've had to question some things...
1.  what if i admit my needs to others and allow the body of Christ to be our hands and feet during this time. what if that helps others step into a role of blessing and motivates me to continue in the same pattern? (I peter 4:10-11)

2. what if cleaning the house (or in our case, our room)  isn't so it can be spotless and i can feel accomplished/proud of myself.  what if i do it so that our family can ENJOY it?  you know, lincoln log, CARS cars, barbie kind of enjoy it!!?? (2 cor 10:17-18)

3.  what if i can't meet the needs of my family the way i wish i could? what if that is how it is suppose to be?  what if, instead, i show them that my weakness is made perfect in HIM and it is ok to admit that i can't do it, but show that i have faith that HE can (2 cor 12:9)

4.  what if play dates are not JUST meant to be fun for my kids or bring me a much needed break.  what if play dates aren't about me at all?? what if i spent time with people because i want to know them well and love them often and i want to show my kids how you do that (phil 2: 3-4)

5. what if showers and workouts and quiet moments aren't something i am entitled to?  what about those without running water, homes, and bibles?  what if i lavished in those moments (few as they may be) remembering that i am beyond blessed to have them at all?

ahh, what if??  have any what ifs of your own this week?  i would love to hear them!  may the LORD be speaking to you in new ways and may you have ears to hear (matt 11:15)


  1. What if I woke up every morning seeking to please God instead of man with my words, thoughts, and actions instead of analyzing and second guessing everything and what if I would strive to love on and serve others instead of comparing myself to others, seeking to please others...just a few of "my issues" Good stuff to think/pray/meditate on!

  2. I've played the "what if" game most of my life. What if Abraham had NOT believed? When all hope as a human possibility had failed him, he was still able to put all his hope in the faithfulness & promises of God. I too realize that God is stronger than any circumstances that have been put in my path. Have I always made good choices? No, but it is by exercise of faith that I am where I am today.
    Rom 4:18


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