Tuesday, January 17, 2012

her words...

allie asked if she could write an email to her old teacher, mrs. martin.  i asked her what she would like me to type and these are the exact words that she spoke:

mrs. martin,
i wonder how it is going with your class.  i know that i had to leave because of the lord calling dad to a new job.  i miss you so much.  i'll come and visit you sometime.  tell your class that i miss them so much.  i've been meeting new friends everyday.  my teacher is mrs. titmas.  i've been learning a lot from her. i hope that you will have a great night.

love allie

i was so struck by her words about the lord.... she is learning some gospel truth during this time - truths that will be with her forever! when the Lord calls - we answer!  amen?

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  1. wow! There aren't words to describe what I'm feeling right now.I just know God is smiling!


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