Sunday, January 15, 2012

this and that

i wish i could muster up more than just random events of our week in my posts.  you know, like something deeper... how much we are growing spiritually through this transition or some cool parenting lesson i have learned along the way.  and those thing are happening, but i think i'll be able to process them better later.  right now... i'm living moment to moment with not much debrief time.  :)  so, once again... here are some pics to sum up our week:

aunt jeni pops in often and WE LOVE IT!! (oh, and yes... she use to be a blonde!)

and my fabulous sis let ALL the kids spend the night so lance and i could eat alone and sleep through the night for the first time since moving.  ahhh!  it was wonderful and this is the pizza we ordered from Grimaldi's Pizzeria! YUMMMMMY!

some really generous friends gave us some gift cards and one was to in and out burger.  one night after dinner, baths, and pjs... we went just for a shake and some fries!  they had a blast!

the next day we "happened upon" a soda shoppe.  old school.... very cool and the cones were a buck.

house hunting has worn riley out on more than one occasion.  ha! still no luck there, but we have faith!

i sought out sprinkles one night in an attempt to eat my worries away... i think it worked... you should try it sometime!  hee,hee.

since we usually have our laundry in three different baskets and i use to do the kids clothes one day and ours the next.... i've never quite seen anything like this.  six people in one basket for only FOUR days... wow!

took the boys to the galleria indoor play area when the weather got crazy cold.

and the "mat room" at the church is available too... allie was so mad we went without her so we'll be going again this week AFTER school.  :)

many blessing on your week this week.  
my goal for this week is to wake up asking the Lord for direction instead of planning my days and pretending to be in control.  i've gotten out of the habit of beginning the day reminding myself that i'm not in charge.


  1. You think you're not sharing anything deep and spiritual, but when you end a post with words like those you're speaking to others in just such a way! What a great idea to ask for the Lord's direction instead of planning and pretending we're in control. I tend to be an over planner so this is one area I too could work on. And, the slow cooker post was a good one too! I have wonderful friends, but sometimes my insecurities make me feel not good enough and lonely which makes me forget that what I'm really longing for is a more secure relationship with my Savior. Keep us updated on the house hunting, we're keeping your search in our prayers!

  2. Girl, you've made it to more fun places in Dallas in a week than we have in a year! Looking forward to hopefully getting to hang out next week! We'll have to join you at that soda shop and mat room sometime. Hang in there will feel like home soon!

  3. ohhh makes me miss dallas so very much :)


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