Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas: part three

we weren't at my parents two minutes and the boys found the singing characters.

this was, of course, griffin's first experience and he loved it too!

my mom had a boy santa and girl santa pass out the presents... 
is anyone surprised at the volunteers?

i had to include this pic.  my grandmother was given a cordless phone by my mom and aunt.  she was baffled that anyone would give her something she wouldn't know how to use!  ha!  love you gran!

my aunt robin brought the silly sting for the annual silly string fight and became #1 in the kids' hearts and loathed by my dad for the clean up.

and as i was trying to shoot some pics my brother proved that he is still a punk.  love you, matt.

all in all a great time... i did not take enough pics this year, but everything seems blurry.  luckily, the kids played with their new things and acted as if life was normal.
we, on the other hand, had so much happening...
pics of our "loft" and dallas events coming soon.

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