Sunday, January 22, 2012

through the lens

the busy crazy end to the year kept me from posting these pics.  but i still had to share!
michaela powell took the time to capture some great shots of our family of six.

and just in case it was looking like this was a wonderful time of well behaved, smiling children... let me include these two shots...

oh, and back to being cute...

well, sorta

these kind of pictures are more us anyway!


  1. I'm cracking up by myself in the office looking at that picture of the big kids and Caleb crying.

  2. These pics arrived at the most perfect of times. I really needed to see these today. Wow, I love them all. Some of them made me lol...alot! Thanks for sharing. Now if I just had a 5 x 7 of #2, #4 AND the last one to put in a frame....hint, hint.

  3. Great pics! The kids look great but my favorite one is of you and Lance!


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