Sunday, July 31, 2011

sticker charts

we don't always have charts going at our house, but sometimes it is a little extra incentive to motivate our kiddos in the right direction. each of the kids had something different to work on: riley - potty training, caleb - a joyful spirit, and allie - not sucking her thumb. however to keep it from becoming a competition and instill the ability to encourage one another.... no one could receive the prize until EVERYONE filled their charts.

well, this week the charts were full and a trip to the dollar store was had!
way to go kiddos!
i'm so proud of each of you!

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  1. It was great fun traveling to Kent & Hannah's to welcome a new little Sisco into the world last week and it's also good to be back home near my computer so I can see the latest pics of my other Sisco kids. Wow, six grandkids now! What fun seeing such teamwork on the stickers!Congratulations, Kiddos. Grammie is proud!


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