Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Apple doesn't fall

far from the tree!

after weeks of asking, the biggest sisco boys were in the skit this week.

meet Riles

and Miles

they are the grandsons of Giles McGillicutty (lance's old time patriot character). if you enlarge this photo you can see a camper laughing really hard. i think they liked it!

they did a great job staying in character and, of course, looked adorable!

the boys had "birth marks" that held a clue for the campers

they were thrilled to be a part of the skit and riley has not stopped saying thank you yet.


  1. cute! I've been wondering how long it would be before the kids asked to "help" Daddy in a skit. I'd say that ole' apple sure DIDN'T fall very far from the tree and it looks like everyone enjoyed it. Three of the cutest guys ever! Thanks for sharing and I loved the phone call today. Love and miss you all!

  2. HILARIOUS! I'm laughing so hard in my seat right now! I cannot believe the boys stayed in character and weren't nervous at all to be in front of all those people...but then again, what am I thinking...look at who their parents are!!! I hope "Riles" and "Miles" show up again!

  3. I can't stand it! I would have loved to have been there to have seen Lance and the boys in a skit together!!! I love it!


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