Sunday, July 17, 2011

a Sisco First

i can not believe that they have never thought of it until now, but my kiddos (after seeing friends do it) wanted to have a lemonade stand.

allie made the sign all by herself and decided that a glass could be 10 cents with a free cookie. lance tried to convince her that she was cute enough to sell 1 glass for $3 and would save herself a whole lot of trouble. HA!

we ate most of our product...

and riley ran off with the money most of the time.

but this sweet girl had a blast and it was a neighborhood hit. within five minutes we had passed out eight glasses. she wants to give all the money to the kids in uganda! precious!!!


  1. That's really that you had so many customers...and Allie's generous heart!

  2. I wish you guys lived closer! Ashlyn had her own table at our garage sale and sent her money to Haiti, where are little Franzie lives. We could convince our girls that this is the totally normal way to be! : ) Great job, Mom!

  3. Grammie is just so proud right now! My heart is full. I just wish I could have been there to purchase a glass of lemonade! God bless your sweet, generous spirit Allie.


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