Saturday, July 2, 2011

all POOPED out


i have never dealt with so much poop in all my LIFE! i have a newborn so, in typical form, i am changing diapers about 6 times a day and probably 1/2 of them are poopy. and i am in the trenches of potty training our 2 year old so i deal with poop accidents once (usually twice) a day. ugh! but Saturday was the record setter! :)

it was change over weekend at camp so our first 1/2 staff were leaving and our 2nd half staff were coming in. that means everyone together again and one big party! i spent most of Saturday afternoon icing cupcakes (pics to come soon) and that is where i was when i got the announcement.... "MOM, MOM, GREEN POOP! GREEN POOP!" is what caleb shouts while running into the kitchen with a goofy grin on his face. i immediately assumed that riley had an accident and went into toddler clean up mode. but i was sorely mistaken and instead found griffin sitting in his car seat immersed in green poop. oh yes, down his legs and covering the seat....
OH GEEEZ! i hauled him to the bath tub by one ankle and one wrist. poor baby got layed on the cold, hard bathtub floor and hosed down. eeekkk! that was alot of poop!

i might start to call him cute, but deadly:

story continues: we head to camp, i set up the cupcakes, and we begin our switch over celebration. when things got serious, i let the boys play outside on the porch while i watched them from the window. they had been out there about 10 minutes when i got a text message. i glanced at them... they looked good... returned the texted... glanced back.... "OH, MY"... "WHAT?"

BOTH of my lovely boys are pants-less and crying about 10 yards away. i run with griffin in tow and allie jogging close behind, the whole way i was hollering, "what is wrong, what happened?" caleb was too upset to pull his words together so i direct my attention to the little guy. it is obvious that he had an accident and decided to ditch his pants, but he was VERY upset about the poop on his hands.

he may look cute, but he likes to poop in his pants:

now to caleb... after much calming down he replied with "i had to tinkle and i didn't think i could make it back to the dining hall. so i pulled my pants down to tinkle and i pooped too"..... followed by more sobbing. i tried to explain that he made the right decision and hey... kept his pants clean! good work!

he's cute too, but super silly and still having occasional accidents.

oh friends... the day of poop... three boys... three episodes... three clean ups! how did it come to this? HA! hopefully they will get it figured out before they start dating! ;)

Thank goodness for little girls:


  1. Ahhhh! Man I miss you guys!!

  2. Sorry you're ALL pooped out! Someday you'll be able to look back and have a good laugh (like I'm having right now). Did you ever think that maybe the boys were only trying to avenge the "green" lantern??? Girls are so sweet and boys??? Well, they're just FUN and creative! Hope things get better soon in the "poo" department. Thanks for giving me a laugh!


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