Thursday, July 7, 2011

blueberry farm

last month we headed to Blueberry Hill Farms with some friends.

we tried to get there super early and beat the heat.

claire came and took good care of g man. she had never been blueberry picking and loved it... although, she doesn't eat berries ;)

allie is at the age where she remembers everything and found this tradition so fun!

riley doesn't care for blueberries either so it took him a little while to get into this, but i think he had fun too!

here are the mommas trying to enjoy themselves! my friend, kara, is just through her first trimester with little one #3... doesn't she look amazing? LOVE her!here is the whole gang coolin' off in front of the fan. and, of course, riley has a bucket on his head... why not? :)

and just in case you need a new recipe to use up your blueberries... here is one we tried and LOVED! we made waffles and poured THIS blueberry compote on top... so YUMMY!

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  1. This looks so fun and it's great seeing everyone. Tell Claire hello for us. We both fell in love with her while she was here! It's always good to see the kiddos and your friends. Those L-holz boys are just too handsome!Good to see a pic of you and Kara! (congrats Kara...hope it's a girl). That blueberry compote looks difficult, but yummy.


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