Friday, July 22, 2011

my mommy friends!

are you stressed? boy, i am! ugh! with four kiddos i feel like there is NOT one moment where everyone is happy. someone is always fussy, fighting, or crying in my house and it is wearing me out! just speaking the truth. :)

however, i have started following a blog that has brought encouragement to me twice this week. i want to share two articles with you. if you need a good word to renew a fresh spirit within you...
here ya go:

first this one... here
and then this one... here

both came through enjoy


  1. refreshing, encouraging, uplifting...thanks for sharing friend...I know I only have TWO and they are BOTH girls, but I'm still tired and needed to hear this today!

  2. I have my four and I feel the same way. LONG days. It's starts to work itself out in a neck twitch. :P I love the article!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Mandy. Having come thru the planting, cultivating and watering part (with God's help, lots of prayer and dirty knees) I'm able to experience what the article conveys. The harvest is AWESOME. I am truly blessed and it is such an honor to be called Mom and Grammie. God did an amazing job and He's not finished yet! Hang in there, all your hard work will pay off.God is good.....all the time!


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