Monday, March 7, 2011

one week...

has it truly been a week already? seven days ago we were in the hospital waiting to see our little griffin and only six days ago, we brought him home! Lots has happened since our 8:30pm departure last wednesday...

the biggest being that it was pine cove's leadership weekend. baby or no baby, we were going to have about 14 extra WONDERFUL college students in our house for the weekend. it was fun to share the experience of a newborn with them and the weekend went well!

in between pine cove fun, mommy and the kids got use to baby griffin. or maybe i should say that he was getting use to us! HA!

i feel like he looks different every time i look at him... his hair color and face shape seem to have already changed more than once

caught a cute pic of him sleeping the other day... precious child... we are SO BLESSED!
recent stats:
last time we weighed him he was 8lbs, 14oz (the doc says no worries...the bigger the kid, the harder they fall)

AND last night he ate at 11, 3, and 7... only up once in the night... woohoo! Thanks griffin!


  1. Good to hear about last night! Hang in there! You are doing a wonderful job! Love you friend!

  2. Wow! What a blessing! and I can't believe you did leadership weekend at the same time! So happy for you guys Mandy!

  3. Totally adorable pictures! Love & miss you all.

  4. Way to go Griffin!! I'm coming to kiss your cheeks very soon!

  5. he is NOT a week already!!! was that you asking about the shoes? i LIKE them i feel like they don't stay on his feet super tight, but they're comfy and they don't trip him up at all. :) hope that helps!


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