Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Pics

The kids got to come up and meet Griffin tonight for the first time. We decided to do it one at a time to keep them from completely destroying the room. They did awesome and everyone of them were so proud to have a new brother. As their father, it was really cool to see.

Allie & Griffin

Caleb & Griffin

Riley & Griffin

Mom, Dad & Griffin


  1. Congratulations Siscos! Praise God he is here safely and all are well! The Wilhites :)

  2. WOWZA! What a big little guy... and SOOOO HANDSOME! I am so excited and happy for your family Lance and Mandy! Thanks so much for taking us along the journey with you! Love, hugs and blessings to you all! Congratulations!

  3. oh my--if you didn't already know these kiddos' personalities, these pictures say it all! can't wait to come meet the newest :)

  4. yay!!!!! so glad he's here!!!! great idea on the one at a time! lol :) you all look great! so fun...family of 6!!

  5. oh my word!! I love these pictures so much! he is precious and your family looks great! congratulations. He is definitely his own little person though and looks so different from how I remember little Riley!! Is it just me? Love you all and baby Griffin too!


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