Saturday, March 19, 2011


i thought i might fall apart when my mom left... somehow i happened to keep it together! :) usually when she comes we do fun things and have a few outings. this visit we were doing good to do the day to day. i was able to get to the bank, the grocery store, a doctor's appt, etc. you get the picture!

however, we did attempt two out-of-the-ordinary things...

we planted in the front yard. the kids helped me with the planter box, but also got to fill their very own hanging basket with flowers they picked. they look pretty good!

and on mimi's last day here the kids begged us to go to the science center. we put on our big girl boots and braved it...

here is mimi posing with "two reporters" in the news room

and eating with "a local fire fighter" in the diner. the "waitress" looks familiar too ;)

mimi also helped by holding the MOST gassy baby i have EVER had. if he is awake... he is uncomfortable. we have purchased our weighted in gripe water and mylicon.

thanks for loving on ALL of us mimi... especially me! i was really needing reinforcements and it was refreshing to have you here! love you!


  1. So good to see pictures of your sweet mama!!!

  2. I'm so glad Carol got to come help you. Sounds to me like you guys accompolished alot. Cute pictures!


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