Monday, March 21, 2011

Jekyll and hyde??

so if you don't know riley well or if you haven't been around him in the last six months, you may not realize that he has two personalities... he is the first kid we've had that can be ooey gooey sweet one minute and the very next minute seem as though he is possessed by satan himself.... SERIOUSLY!

here are two pictures that so adequately detail this fact:

we have officially moved riley to a big boy bed because he was climbing out of his crib 5 to 6 times a day. but if you will notice we put two baby gates up around the bottom of the bunk bed (it looks alot like a cage)! but no worries... he climbs out where the ladder is and refuses to stay in his bed. because i am nursing a newborn, i can't keep putting him back in his bed SO i started locking him in his room (if you have better options let me know PLEASE)! This was what i found yesterday after two hours of what should have been his nap time... shoes and toys EVERYWHERE (i wish the picture got the entire disaster, but i could not zoom out enough) and a child sleeping on the floor for no longer than 10 minutes! oh, joy.

but within moments... a sweet kid that wanted to love on his baby brother and bring him a lovey (the turtle... named tuga for tortuga). he ran to our room to get it and ran back yelling, "here go griffin... here go!"


  1. oh my GOODNESS!!! mandy! bleh. wish i had a suggestion... :( i'll rack my brain lol

  2. SOMEDAY this will be funny. Option #1 is to try telling him NOT to nap on the sleep on the floor. Option #2, try using Duck Tape!!! jk.....hang in there!

  3. Ahhh...he sounds like my Jack. Hang in there, friend. I'm right there with you! That last story and picture of R with G make it all worth it...such cuties!


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