Wednesday, February 10, 2010

superbowl sunday

is it too late to blog about the Superbowl?
i hope not!
we got together with our small group... i gave up on a group picture and this is what i got! HA! chaos! we had 14 adults and 13 kids!
i snapped a few pics of some of the cute faces (the ones that would slow down enough for one)!
getting sleepy... he's reachin' for that belly button... so cute!
she was wanting my camera!
here was my little guy... he wanted to be held most of the night! i'm not complaining!


  1. Now that looks like my kind of party..........lots of babies and cute kiddos to go around. I can't imagine being able to watch football with all the action, but it looks like fun. Was Caleb there?

  2. oh, yes caleb was there too! i'm sure he was playing cars upstairs! the husbands were all there too, but i just realized that i took that picture when they had all stepped out of the room! :)


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